A bit of background to Mike Wilson

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A bit of background to Mike Wilson

Post by Mark » Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:55 am

Born in 1945 Mike Wilson caught his first carp in 1958. Becoming a member of Ruislip Angling Society in 1961, he subsequently joined the Fisheries Committee and later became its Secretary. Mike was instrumental in stocking Savay with carp (1962-1974), creating one of the most famous fisheries in the UK and providing him with some exceptional catches.

A founder member of The Carp Society, Mike together with Tim Paisley (Editor) and Dave Watson created Carp Fisher and he appeared on the front cover of the first issue in November 1981. Mike and Dave subsequently launched NASA’s Specialist Angler magazine.

Over the years Mike has continued his input to the fishing world not only through his writing and provision of information and photographs for many books and publications, but also through his slideshows and talks. He has advised companies like Bowyers and Leisure Sport on fish management and helped in the improvement of angling photography, development of coated leads and the use of latching lights on bite alarms suggesting to Frank Sams of Dellareed they incorporate them into the Optonic alarm.

Mike’s ‘Baiting Pyramid’ theory, published in 1981, has been translated into many languages and is still read worldwide. Mike’s continuing commitment to fishing is demonstrated through his on going contribution to a variety of publications, membership of Windsor Barbel Catchers and as a Patron of The Thames Anglers’ Conservancy.

A 32lb Savay carp caught in 1976.
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