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Post by RobinJ » Sun May 10, 2015 9:22 pm

I use this method for carp on Lake Palestine in East Texas.
#6 hook tied knotless with 20 Lb braid about 24" long small swivel with a 1/4 oz barrel lead above free to move up and down the line
20 Lb braid.
Generally use canned corn or bread straight from the loaf.
Always groundbait with the same corn using a homemade device which is the bottom of a soda bottle designed to tip upside down on contact with the water and drop the corn in the swim.(use a rod and line to deploy and retrieve)
Water depth is plus/minus 10 ft and I normally fish 20yds from the bank
lake record is 25 Lbs PB using this method is 22 Lbs
Prefer touch ledgering as I have lost a rod and reel to my intended prey although I now use a shimano baitrunner on the occasions when I place the rod on a rest.(As we know once hooked Carp take of like a freight train)
Other species also like this this so catches can be varied.
In 5 consecutive casts I once caught (not in the correct order) a small mud turtle,16 Lb common, small perch, 1 lb channel catfish and 17 lb common
I am tempted to give my Chapman 500 which I received as a gift almost 60 yrs ago as a gift a try with these guys but not sure it would survive

Meat Chucker

Re: Touch ledgering.

Post by Meat Chucker » Wed Oct 07, 2015 7:49 pm

I have only touch ledger for Barbel with meat and I never use a swan shot I wrap heavy wire around the hook and use meat on the hook, that's all the weight I need, give it a go.

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