Hardy Altex No3 line guide.

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Hardy Altex No3 line guide.

Post by Cat » Sun Nov 03, 2019 6:23 pm

Evening All,
As part of my on going quest (akin to a Greek mythological torture, although I agree with Nobby that they are touched by the hand of the divine, so perhaps Poseidon) to keep my Altex No3 reels ticking along, I have discovered through trial and error that a DAM Quick 220, 330, etc, line guide / roller makes a well fitting substitute for the usually worn Hardy one. I appreciate that esteemed colleagues have recommended turning the piece, but mine have Grand Canyon esque grooves all the way around making them virtually unusable. The DAM are a little thicker than the original, but the same length, and not made out of putty.
Now all I've got to learn to do is put the bail spring back on without over stretching and knackering it up.
Regards Cat

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