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Post by Sharknott » Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:10 am

Regarding car boot sales I have to say you have to persevere but you do develop a sixth sense about where to look. If I see a rod poking up into the air, if you'll pardon the expression, above the car roof lines then it stands to reason there may be reels below. And so it was early last Sunday morning. Guided by an invisible hand I headed for the one modern-ish rod parked by the wing mirror of a Ford Focus, another wicker basket on a table (an unnerving coincidence given what I said above), 5 reels in it two of which were modern graphite Shakespeares, 2 were 2140 Mitchells and I grabbed the other one as another bloke was hovering uncomfortably closely. How much is the reel said I?. The seller said they were all £2. A £2 coin quickly exchanged hands and I went away very happy with my little used 1979 ABU Cardinal 154, its only visible flaw being some scratching to the silver and black sideplate sticker.

At the same event and from different stalls, mostly genuine car boots with wallpaper pasting tables and loft, shed and garage clearances at a stop-off point on the way to the Recycling Centre, I bought a Morrits Monarch mk2, grey body maroon spool, for a pound (horrid little things really but I just keep buying them when I see them and its surprising how many you do see), a very good Mitchell 3-0-0 for a fiver, an unused ultra shallow chenille rimmed Mitchell Match spool in its pot for £1 and a 'seized' ABU 501 from a tackle trader for a tenner.

Regarding the 501 it was cosmetically excellent, one or two teeny blemishes hardly worth mentioning. Wisecracks around said they would have bought too it if it wasn't jammed solid. I was confident I knew what was awry and twenty minutes with some tweezers removing 50 yards of 4lb line that had bypassed the red chenille on the spool top and bottom had it restored to silky smoothness.

I do wonder that at some point the supply of cheap old tackle at car boots will dry up. My formative years angling wise were the mid seventies and on the assumption most of this stuff relates to then or my father's generation there's only so long left for it to emerge in this manner and the interest in it to be maintained for that matter. Ooo-er I'd better start selling quick!!.

Just kidding


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