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Mint DAM 220N

Post by LuckyLuca » Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:56 pm

Newly arrived at Lucky towers. A pristine example of my favourite fixed spool reel complete with box, manual and spares package.

Now for the eternal question! To use or not to use. I have another 220N to use initially but what to do with this one?



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Bob Brookes
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Re: Mint DAM 220N

Post by Bob Brookes » Fri Jun 08, 2018 4:33 pm

It needs using but I feel your pain. Depends on whether you are collector or a user, I suspect the latter.
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Jeremy Croxall
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Re: Mint DAM 220N

Post by Jeremy Croxall » Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:18 am

Reels were made to be used, art created to admire. So a bit of a dilemma then!
I would just have to use that reel though. It deserves an opportunity to prove itself in the manner intended and no doubt will give much pleasure in so doing.
Congratulations, a very nice acquisition and I hope to see a picture of it doing its duty at some point in the future? :Hat:
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Re: Mint DAM 220N

Post by PershoreHarrier » Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:23 am

Not a dilemma after all as you can only use one at once (well if you are like me - fishing with two rods at once has always been beyond me - I am not a multi-tasker) then you should use the other one and retain this prime example for the future.

I have a brand new, in the box, with guarantee card etc. etc. Intrepid Elite which has never been used and was found in the depths of an old fishing tackle shop I believe. It was a reel often used by Fred Taylor and I have been sorely tempted to use it with a Chapmans FJ Taylor Roach rod - now that is a dilemma. Thankfully I have always liked the Mitchell 308s but using that Intrepid is awfully tempting.

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Re: Mint DAM 220N

Post by Duebel » Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:26 am

Congratulations on this very nice reel!

I would definitely use it. The worst that can happen is, that it gets some battle scars. Apart from that, it will serve you well for the next 30 years ...
Greetings from Bamberg

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Arctic Char
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Re: Mint DAM 220N

Post by Keston » Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:39 pm

Fabulous reel there LL , one to admire .

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Re: Mint DAM 220N

Post by Reedling » Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:25 am

If it is not a reel that you need for a purpose then I would keep it in its box and do not use it until such time that it is needed, or you wish to pass it on. I purchased an ABU reel a little while back in a similar condition but I do not need to use it so it will stay as is and I will probably sell it on to someone who will appreciate it and admire it.. or maybe use it if they wish.

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