Rod rests for wooden platforms....

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Re: Rod rests for wooden platforms....

Post by Vole »

That's Great!
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Re: Rod rests for wooden platforms....

Post by Fredline »

I bought a set of "over / under" pole rests, I extended them and fitted them to my recliner chair. The are used "up" and have been working a treat for a few years now. As long as you take your chair you always have your wooden platform rests available.
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Re: Rod rests for wooden platforms....

Post by Ian.R.McDonald »

Fishing at the Eagle Pond , Snaresbrook London was from the pavement. I remember seeing Derek Stritton in the early 70s using a home made " rod pod"

Was this the first?

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Re: Rod rests for wooden platforms....

Post by Liphook »

Not a fan of platforms either but there are places where they are the most practical/affordable solution. I'm getting some good ideas here :Hat:

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Re: Rod rests for wooden platforms....

Post by Olly »

I made one of two sections of angled metal (as used for shelving uprights) for the front and back. I cannot remember what the middle section was - but the rests were simple solid metal cut to length and attached to the front/back cross pieces by little clamps. It was for use on the sloping MWB reservoir solid brick banks where there were no holes/gaps for rests.

Platforms are a pain to maintain - but bankside ones also require annual attention.

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Re: Rod rests for wooden platforms....

Post by Tony.J.Newman »

I copied Mr Stritton’s design for use at the Eagle as did our mutual friend Steve Bishop.

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Re: Rod rests for wooden platforms....

Post by Aitch »

I made do with waders and long rests set up in the water at the Eagle in the 70's...
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