Almost impossible

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Re: Almost impossible

Post by Ian » Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:11 pm

Sadly you are right olly.i went over today and to my surprise the carp were on the top cruising but again only caught 5inch perch.i think the person who owns it has done me up like a kipper,either that or they are the dumbest fishery owner on the can they not know there fish have been netted.they charge a fiver a rod too.that was alright last October when I had two rods in for those big perch,to me it was well worth that because I could catch half a dozen and they would be 2lb-2lb+
Now I can't even get one over 5inches ha.I wonder how long it for the roach to recover and what will happen to those big perch with their staple diet missing.looks like the end of an era

Too good a night for roach not to be topping on the surface
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