Using my Loaf!

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Re: Using my Loaf!

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I use a corkscrew for getting the paddles out - minimises the damage to the loaf.
The dace is both lively and lean,
With a beautiful silvery sheen;
He'll snatch at your flies
With a lightning-like rise
And unless you are sharp, he's just been.
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Re: Using my Loaf!

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Good thinking CM :Thumb:

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Re: Using my Loaf!

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Italian bread I had in Sardinia was rather like a balloon - all outer crust with very little inside - even worse than a Malteser or Aero!

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Re: Using my Loaf!

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I made a loaf using the bread maker last week. After half an hour or so of whirring it went quiet and then just over half an hour later the electricity went off. I checked the consumer unit and the main fuse had tripped. It bounced back when I tried to re-set it so I unplugged the machine and the trip re-set. I quickly put the pan from the bread maker in the oven and made a half-decent loaf. I say half-decent because that is all I got - half a loaf. The top half. The rest remained in the pan stuck to the two paddles that were also fast on their spindles. :Hair out:

I returned it to the charity shop and got a refund which I used to buy a slightly more expensive Kenwood model. Then, when telling a customer about my experience, she presented me with her Morphy Richards machine that she assured me worked perfectly, but she hadn't used it for years so I could have it.

Today we were having three friends round for lunch so I made a sun dried tomato loaf in the MR machine. I used that one because of June's recommendation and fond memories of two burglars who became attached to my dog at the MR factory in Sth York's. :Hahaha:

The same thing happened. Same time of the cycle the electricity tripped. Now it is obvious that we have a faulty circuit, not a faulty bread maker. The loaf was a success and it came away from the single paddle cleanly.

So now I have two bread makers; one for domestic use and one for fishing use. Next loaf will be maize bread for the carps.
Regards, Clive

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