Pictures of Cheshunt

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Re: Pictures of Cheshunt

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Lovely picture Len. I must have a word with my "Spinners" mates when I next see them to see if they have any pictures of Cheshunt.
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Re: Pictures of Cheshunt

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Wonderful Len!!!!
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Re: Pictures of Cheshunt

Post by Mark »

Thanks for sharing them pictures Len, very nice indeed.
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Re: Pictures of Cheshunt

Post by QuinetteCane »

Browsing through this old post I noticed that the angler has his trousers tucked into his socks.
Tis' a memory jogger that the mossies there were very adept at getting through, even
that precaution did not deter them. A single woolly layer being easily dealt with by the
seemingly extra longs snozzels that they possessed.
I fished there from the late 70's, the huts were gone by then only the trace of
foundations left, also any bank side platforms had gone.
The council estate behind the banking seen in the pictures had by then been built, backing onto the water and giving easy access to it, a contribution to the huts demise perhaps.
No buildings were visible but metal dustbin lids clanking in the evening could spoil the illusion of a countryside setting.
As I recall there were about three separate huts spread along the one bank.
The aforementioned banking being the spoil heap from the waters creation, simply
back filled on its demise.

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Re: Pictures of Cheshunt

Post by Olly »

Another reason for tucking trousers into socks -- ticks!! Only had one little "B" on me this year so far.

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