Is it luck?

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Re: Is it luck?

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Fatty confesses that optonics were the bite indicator of choice and a bit modern at nearly 40 years old.....sorry about that. However they are useful for waking the slumbering old fool, a direct result of having a full belly (pies) and no longer thirsty (slurping tea). When playing the fish into the net there is the usual tuneless dirge (singing) to lull the fish into a semi comatose condition; netting is so much easier that way.

The bivvy dwellers all agreed it was luck.....the truth is out there!

As ever,.....

Say aye tae'a pie!

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Re: Is it luck?

Post by CraigM »

A lovely tench in March Moley.

Global warming is really with us now........

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Re: Is it luck?

Post by JAA »

Moley wrote: Mon Apr 04, 2022 5:28 pm
By the way the rods used were super soft glass fly rods converted to tench rods, should any one accuse Fatty of Carbon Abuse. So soft are they the fish just can't break the line.

As ever,......

Just spotted that bit, O Pies One.

I've converted a few fly rods myself (although 'not glass') and for near work it is indeed very hard for fish to break the line. I've made a 10ft stalker from a 10-12aftm salmon rod and even though it's got a t/c of about 3lb, with 12-14lb line it'll stop a runaway horse, but gradually. The other nice thing is that as the rod bends, the lever shortens and with this rod I've had to ensure I use very stout hooks...after bending a couple of Korda 'B's. :Hat:
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Re: Is it luck?

Post by GregF »

Moley wrote: Mon Apr 04, 2022 5:28 pm Why was he born so beautiful......


Hard to tell who is who and what is what as it got a bit hectic........ :Hahaha:

Who can say it was luck or not except t'other, t'anglers on the lake were happily discussing and gesticulating in the direction of a certain Fatty who waved back whilst singing a happy tune. Those conversations heard were discussing the golden Gonads of a certain pie eating Cretin!

Jealousy is not pretty when it emerges from the shadows :Confused:

Still there it is.

Thanks for all the supportive kindness shown on this site by everyone who took the time to reply.

As ever,......

Nice fish. Even nicer hat :Sun:
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