Cockles and Mussels....

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Jeff Smith
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Re: Cockles and Mussels....

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Not meaning to contradict most of the posters on this thread but, I’ve been forced to use pickled cockles for tench recently, having failed to secure fresh or frozen and found them extremely successful catching on every trip straight from the jar.
I did scatter a few broken bits along with some pellet as ground bait.
Having finished the jar of pickled, and finally getting some frozen, I found they worked well too, but not noticeably better.

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Re: Cockles and Mussels....

Post by JAA »

Jeff, I've found the same, although if using pickled, I've rinsed the jar/content a few times in the lake-water first.
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Re: Cockles and Mussels....

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Bob Brookes will vouch for the potential of mussels as bait for barbel. On one of his trips last season he put me on them and it was successful beyond my wildest dreams.
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Re: Cockles and Mussels....

Post by OldRod »

Many thanks for asking that question BB. It's something I have been wondering about as well, and the responses to your post have enlightened me. I too have a jar, which I was going to try. I now have not bait, but the makings of a nice supper!
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Mr B
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Re: Cockles and Mussels....

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Found this very interesting...
I have never used them for bait for fresh water fish but have had some nice Place on fresh muscles interwoven with Cotton wall to keep them on the hook.
I don't think I can do it, in my mind I separate sea baits and river/ lake baits...... saying that I will use a sea fish bait for Pike. (Nought stranger than folk)
But.... reading this post reminded me of a photo I have of my very good younger friend Fran.
While she was working in Dublin just before the lockdown I asked her for a selfie next to "Molly Malone" ( of cockle and muscle fame)
Fran knows my love of traditional sea food, so obliged.
I still line up at my local seafood stand/ stall, that is in permanent residence out side my local pub.
I get my brown shrimps, Winkles, cockles, and jellied Eels every Sunday.
I always have two oysters and half of Guinness standing at the stool, then take my bag of goodies in the pub and the friendly barmaid puts them in the fridge for me while I have a pint before I go home.
Old habits die hard... my dad, grandad, great grandfather it dose go on.l trust me.
Life's little pleasantries.
A slight digression from bait but Cockles all the same.
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Re: Cockles and Mussels....

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I've used cockles for a few years now. I have taken some good catches of decent roach and crucians on them. I've recently had a go with mussels but not had much success so far.
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