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Re: Another super book

Post by Walkerburt »

Not for me at all, Olly, but each to their own, it seems
The Watcher by the Bridge

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Re: Another super book

Post by Dave Burr »

I've been on a bass boat travelling at 70mph+ across the water, I lost my hat. In France, the idea is to puddle along in an inflatable with an electric outboard - very peaceful.

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Re: Another super book

Post by Liphook »

It's powerboating interspersed with fishing of sorts! I understand the need to cover great distances on massive waters but it's an entirely different pursuit to that of a relaxed drift on a loch in an old rowboat! About 300 horsepower and $150ks of a difference :shocked: The levels and complexity of GPS/sonar electronics on board a modern bass boat are simply mind boggling. Absolutely no expense is spared and no quarter given in the pursuit of their quarry. Been there, tried it, marvelled at it in many ways and also scratched my head at it in many other ways! It's not my cup of tea. However I do really love bobbing about on the sea in our RIB chasing our european bass by sight, exploratory 'blind' casting and a bit of trolling to find the fish - it's not what you could call 'traditional' fly or lure fishing, but it is thoroughly absorbing :Thumb:

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Re: Another super book

Post by Olly »

Dave :Hat: - have you tried the inflatable bivvy boat yet? Goodness only knows what happens when it is windy or stormy! All your tackle including your bed and cooking kit in a rubber boat on a lake - - :Scared:

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