And another Harvey Torbutt....

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Re: And another Harvey Torbutt....

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BoltonBullfinch wrote: Sat Nov 13, 2021 4:12 pm I went down to pick up my pair of fiberglass pike rods from Cannock Chase this morning. The guy showed me the rods and we put them back in their tubes and we were just having a chat when I mentioned that I don't use the black stuff, just cane and glass. He picked up a tube out of his garage and said this was his last rod to sell as he doesn't fish any more. He then slid a cane rod out of the tube and I said that's a Harvey Torbutt. He said he had never met anyone who had heard of the rod before so I told him I had one at home. He then asked if I was interested in the rod to which I replied it depends on the price. Both male ferrules were oxidised and were blue, the tip guide has a bit of corrosion but the rest of the rod is in very good nick. I noticed when I got home that both male ferrules had split apart length ways. The female ferrules are fine so theres not much work to get the rod shipshape. He said he wanted 30 quid for the rod, I told him that that was too low a price for a HT but he replied it will save him putting it on ebay. The rod is now in my ownership.





Well done BB - when I acquired mine some years ago the brass ferrules were split lengthways on the butt and top section. I was lucky enough to get the original rod bag with mine and one of the original stoppers. As you will know it is a fine rod for smaller species. I used mine for Crucian fishing which it handled very well but the appearance of mid double Common and Mirror Carp saw me lose all four of the perishers - of course it could have been lack of skill that meant I could not handle the Commons and Mirrors but that would be for others to judge. :doh:

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Re: And another Harvey Torbutt....

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This reboot has reminded me that the split ferrules problem still needs to be addressed. Got so many rod jobs on at the moment i tend to concentrate on the easier tasks first.

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Re: And another Harvey Torbutt....

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Lovely rod indeed!! YES i would have loved one as a nipper!! Trying to recreate my set up in my teens a 13' B&W glass rod, Abu 507 and a lot of porky quill floats, nearly there, got the rod reel and 10 floats, waiting for a lot more floats to be delivered, then off to the trent with 7 year old grandson silver fishing, he is just a bit to young, he loves landing the fish, casting the rod, we have an issue with sitting still watching the float or tip when feeder fishing!!! Keeps me young. Derbyshire county angling club have given me a child disc, he can fish for free till he is 18!! Regards to all Paul.

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Re: And another Harvey Torbutt....

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Our grandson is nearly three. He's at that awkward age - too small to take fishing; too big to use as bait. I certainly can't imagine him sitting still for more than five seconds. BTW, what is it about kids that they reel the tackle right up to the tip ring and then wonder why it gets tangled up??

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Re: And another Harvey Torbutt....

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A whip stops that - or a pole when a bit older - - - - no reel to play with!

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Re: And another Harvey Torbutt....

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Nice rod.
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