A 'Threepenny' Aerial

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Re: A 'Threepenny' Aerial

Post by Aitch »

Vole wrote: Thu Sep 22, 2022 10:13 am Just too beautiful - who'd be brave enough to load it up and go fishing with it?
Me... it's what it was made for... otherwise its a waste of the man's talents
Just one more cast love, and I'll be on me way home

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Re: A 'Threepenny' Aerial

Post by RBTraditional »

That Sir is incredibly beautiful… where art meets engineering of the highest possible standard… :Hat:
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Re: A 'Threepenny' Aerial

Post by Mr B »

Got me lost for words... ("Thats unusual!")
An engineering work of art!
I imagine there will launching ceremony when thats used for the first time!
What rod I wonder with that be married to?
Mr B
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Re: A 'Threepenny' Aerial

Post by Grumpy »

An absolutely superb creation.As for using it,I would want to but being a clumsy bugger I'd probably drop it!

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Re: A 'Threepenny' Aerial

Post by Martin James »

Leszek another work of engineering and art, a great result, I certainly treasure the 3 reels you have made. The NHS reel was a wonderful example of your work, the £4000-00 I paid was worth the money, as it went to help NHS nurses get through Covid 19

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Re: A 'Threepenny' Aerial

Post by Pallenpool »

Grumpy wrote: Thu Sep 22, 2022 4:33 pm An absolutely superb creation.As for using it,I would want to but being a clumsy bugger I'd probably drop it!
All part of the history Grumpy - a few scratches and a bit of wear and tear never did a pin any harm.😃 I couldn’t do anything but use it.
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Re: A 'Threepenny' Aerial

Post by Snape »

Truly stunning, Lesek. I am in awe of your skills.
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Re: A 'Threepenny' Aerial

Post by Polecat501 »

Beautiful components, artfully constructed. An instant treasure.

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Re: A 'Threepenny' Aerial

Post by Nobby »

Good grief!

What more can I say?

Eccentric? yes, but also quite amazing.

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Re: A 'Threepenny' Aerial

Post by Horgaszember »

Oh, my god, this is incredibly beautiful!

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