"This swim's taken."

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Kev D
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"This swim's taken."

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"This swim's taken." I heard the someone mutter from the other side of the bushes separating the track l was on from the river bank . I did wonder how the angler knew l was there as l was travelling light ,with just a rod and pocketful of tackle , and being pretty stealthy .
Still , despite his slightly surly manner l felt that there would be no harm in introducing myself to my as yet unseen Brother of the Angle . Especially as this was my first time on the water and l had heard it could be difficult to catch without local knowledge .
I pushed through the undergrowth and emerged at his side in a crouch so as not to cast my shadow on his swim .
He had clearly been ensconced for some time . An old fashioned string keep- net hung at his feet. Illegal for sure but l don't think any prosecution would've held up as the thing had rotted off where the mesh entered the water.
A rather pretty cane rod adorned with a Mordex Merlin reel indicated that we had something in common and l asked him casually if he had any luck . " Plenty. " he replied . Before l could ask for advice on how to tackle the water he turned to face me . A strange burbling began to emit from his lips . "Pop-up snowman boily , hair, helicopter, spod back- leaded , self hooking bolt rig. " His words had no meaning for me but l sensed their danger.

Gripped by the horror of my predicament , indeed fearing that my very soul was in danger. l stumbled backward. Crashing through the bushes l ran to my bicycle and pedalled home as if the Dxvil himself were after me.
Calming myself with a cup of tea and a biscuit l pondered my escape . There was nothing about the chap's appearance to have set me on guard. After-all , One meets all sorts on the bank and he stood out no more or less than the average cane loving fisherman . Nor was there in fellow 's voice any hint of real threat until his incantation began. Evil is among us.

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Re: "This swim's taken."

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Re: "This swim's taken."

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I say..... that Mordex Merlin looks lovely !

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Re: "This swim's taken."

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Very good.

Found this earlier,

https://thefisheriesblog.com/2014/10/27 ... -costumes/

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Re: "This swim's taken."

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"Oh for want of rod and line I'd fish this stream serene, sublime".

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