Keeping Warm And Comfortable Martin James MBE

Got some interesting traditional angler's clothing you want to talk about.
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Martin James
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Keeping Warm And Comfortable Martin James MBE

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Keeping Warm And Comfortable

I have worn base layer clothing for many years, having a circulation problem caused by Multiple Sclerosis. My doctor at the time suggested a good base layer clothing would help, apart from spending a lot of time outdoors in all weathers, as a river keeper, angler and bird watcher. In the past Helly Hansen were very good, sadly they changed the quality which I feel deteriorated the product, also switching to a unisex system. In my opinion it was no longer a good brand product. During the past few years I’ve tried other brands, nothing has really done the job to my satisfaction.

Thankfully through an Angling Trust press release I learnt about ZEROFIT Heatrub ultimate base layer. I quote from ZEROFIT “It’s the brainchild of Mr Koji Higashi, a keen golfer who felt the cold negatively impacted his game, identified an opportunity to create products on a vastly elevated level to what existed.

Result- The Worlds Warmest Baselayer”

I decided to bite the bullet and purchase not the full base layer, but the top to see what this new product was like. I immediately felt the benefit, I was so impressed within days I ordered a pair of long johns with a fly, no silly nonsense of unisex. Two weeks later I ordered two pairs of socks for both my wife and myself. Also a pair of ladies long johns for my wife, who suffers from Raynaud's disease usually triggered by cold temperatures. The condition occurs because your blood vessels go into a temporary spasm, which blocks the flow of blood. This causes the affected area to change colour to white, then blue and then red, as the blood flow returns. I can certainly recommend this product for its warmth comfort and quality.
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Re: Keeping Warm And Comfortable Martin James MBE

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I saw these in the AT press release. Glad to hear they perform as well as advertised Martin :Hat:

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Re: Keeping Warm And Comfortable Martin James MBE

Post by Tengisgol »

That’s very useful Martin. I was out on the river Saturday and it wasn’t particularly cold for this time of year. However, the unseasonal mildness has put me in a false sense of security and I wasn’t dressed properly. I enjoyed my day but I just couldn’t get warm in the car. I spent two hours with the heated seat on, to warm my bones, the whole journey home. Time for a re-think and some proper preparation (and clothing).
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Re: Keeping Warm And Comfortable Martin James MBE

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Raynaud Syndrome is also/especially found in those who use vibrating machinery - chainsaw for me - with other machines from wacker plates to electric drills, etc. White finger syndrome it is called by many.

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Re: Keeping Warm And Comfortable Martin James MBE

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Martin this is excellent. I too wear a baselayer under my shirt. Also quality socks such a sealskinz make a huge difference to one's overall comfort.
You also might want to consider a heated boadywarmer. These are powered by a small power bank and can be excellent so I'm told. They'll last 6/8 hours on a single pack which weights little more than a traditional charcoal hand warmer.
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Re: Keeping Warm And Comfortable Martin James MBE

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Looks interesting Martin, I also suffer from Reynauds, especially in my hands, it gets so bad when I am beach fishing especially, that I literally lose all feeling in my hands and they are about as much use as a a one legged man in a bottom kicking contest .

I use thermal gloves, and have purchased two electric handwarmers which I keep switched on in my pockets . It has transformed my cold numb hands into usable appendages once more .
It is also more “ stuff” to carry around, but a small price to pay for the benefits.
I shall look up Zerofit and hopefully it will help with the other places that get too cold to function.

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Re: Keeping Warm And Comfortable Martin James MBE

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Thank you for posting this Martin :Hat:

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