Maggots Are Great...

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Maggots Are Great...

Post by Barbelbonce »

...for Humans, not quite as great for the fish! ... /p0dxdr94

Very interesting little piece of cartoonery reminding us of a small bit of medical history coming back to save us!


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Re: Maggots Are Great...

Post by Olly »

The picture shows beetle larvae - their hard head shows it. However both gentles and leeches are now used - - medically reared!

The BBC News yesterday was showing an otter - which actually was a beaver!

BBC are not animal/insect/bird correct 80% of the time!

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Re: Maggots Are Great...

Post by Duckett »

My Mum trained as a nurse in the early days of the NHS. Maggots in the fridge never bothered her because she’d been trained to use them to clean wounds. She was also trained to use leeches to reduce bruises.

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