Allcocks superb… gold oval label.

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Re: Allcocks superb… gold oval label.

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The Avon Superb is an Avon rod - nothing to do with carp! So I suppose that it has a t/c of about a pound.
I will check when I can and also measure the cane in places with my 'digital caliper'.

The '66 and '67 catalogues differ in their descriptions of the Avon Superb:-
'66 - ""stop chub & barbel in fast water""
'67 - "" fast tip suitable for dace as well as chub""
So a bit different!

A look at the '66 catalogue describes the Carp Superb being ""Based upon the Allcock New Superb and the Lee Carp"".
Anyone have a Lee Carp for comparison?

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