Test back stream

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Dave Burr
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Re: Test back stream

Post by Dave Burr »

A winner in injury time, well done squire.

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Lea Dweller
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Re: Test back stream

Post by Lea Dweller »

91 Roach over 2lbs from seven different waters is fantastic Moley, I doubt that there are many anglers alive that could match that! :clap: :Hat:
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Martin James
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Re: Test back stream

Post by Martin James »

Well done on your result also taking the choice of the backwater, with the current river conditions.

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Wallyboy Rob
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Re: Test back stream

Post by Wallyboy Rob »

Thanks Moley, very much appreciated, I'll be a good Wallyboy, honest,
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Re: Test back stream

Post by CraigM »

I still aspire to a big roach Moley.

Regards & respect from a few miles up the A32.

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Re: Test back stream

Post by OldRod »

Moley I stand in awe!
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