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Re: Marco "Silver Monarch"

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I know little about sea fishing but reading your posts makes me keen to have a go

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Re: Marco "Silver Monarch"

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Hi Moley..
Marco certainly made some hefty cane sea rods in their day, have you seen this thread.


A couple on there, including one of mine, although yours appears to be even heftier still !

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Re: Marco "Silver Monarch"

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I agree with your last comments about the similarity of fittings between the Milward and Marco. It struck me too. The only noticeable difference is that both the Marco Silver Monarch and Silver King bear the 'Double Built' logo and the Silver Monarch also has a steel lining. The Milward Neptune rod looks lovely.

I will be pitting the Silver Monarch against catfish this season. It seems that they have woken up from their torpor and are inhabiting my carp swims. I am just in the process of preparing a suitable reel for the rod. Hopefully next week will see the Silver Monarch re-named the Silure Monarch!

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Re: Marco "Silver Monarch"

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Rutland Rod wrote: Thu Feb 20, 2020 6:27 am I know little about sea fishing but reading your posts makes me keen to have a go
The two easiest starting points for any fresh water angler to sea fishing are float and lure fishing in estuaries, over reefs off beaches and from rocks. You'll probably already have the basic kit. In fact, for about 25 years that is all I have done in the salty stuff. Static bait on the bottom no longer appeals to me in either type of water!

A fibreglass general float or Avon rod coupled with a bakelite centrepin or Mitchell 300 will get you started float fishing with minimum risk of salt corrosion - though I always wash down my sea tackle after each use, a habit learned young. Likewise, a solid or hollow glass spinning rod with a Mitchell 300 will cover you for most things except larger Mullet (unless you go mad trying), Bass, Pollock etc. The basics for bouncing a soft plastic are no different from fresh water. If you want to try jigs, spoons, plugs etc. just make sure they are for salt water. No need for wire traces. The list of fish you may catch is surprisingly long! Sadly, for extended periods lure fishing, you need a rod of the unmentionable stuff to avoid arm and back ache!

Only 3 words of caution I'd give if you haven't been sea fishing. First, always check out your location and ask questions of locals - gullies that fill behind you on the incoming tide, quick sands, rocks regularly swamped by waves and groynes with a steep drop off on one side are all hazards worth checking for. Second, restrictions on taking fish for the pot - Bass and Sea Trout. Last, we only have 2 poisonous fish, the Lesser and Greater Weever. They both fall to lures and bait but look up a picture as they are unmistakable!

Oh, if you fish by yourself, as I do, take a whistle and put your phone and car keys in a waterproof bag. Hope you give it a go!

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Re: Marco "Silver Monarch"

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Good advice there Phil :Thumb: I do enjoy eating cod and large whiting but the weather has put paid to that of late. I have a Dawson's of Bromley 10ft cane beachcaster that needs looking at again. It's a bit of a beast !

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Re: Marco "Silver Monarch"

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The Silver Monarch is for sea fishing and was a more powerful version of the Silver king. Double built and for casting weights of 6-8oz. :Hat:
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Re: Marco "Silver Monarch"

Post by Brian »

Hi i see its an old thread but would love to hear how you got on with the catfish. I have 2 silver monarchs I use semi regularly on piers and the open beach. They show bites better than expected spend most of the time in the rest so the weights not an issue they cast surprisingly well with an alvey sidecast or penn squidder jr and as beach rods go there nicer to play fish on than a lot of newer rods

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