Never have I ever, caught a chub on cheese…

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Re: Never have I ever, caught a chub on cheese…

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Cheese as bought has problems. Either they are like cheddar and become to hard in the water, especially in winter, or they are like brie and much too soft. Much better to microwave a piece of stilton or similar for a minute, making it runny, then pound some bread into it till it turns smooth as clay. If you make a large ball of it, you'll end up with fifty per cent of it unused at the end of your fishing trip. When you get home, microwave a different piece of cheese, say, gorgonzola, and pound that into the remnant from your fishing trip. Go fishing...then repeat after every trip. What you'll end up with is a ball of cheese that can be stored in the freezer (if you are married) or a refrigerator (if you are single). This ball will, with time, acquire its own unique flavour compounded of all the different cheeses you have mashed into it. Chub go simply suicidal for it and no need for any hair-rigs.

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