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Re: Wallis Casting a Waggler

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Dave Burr wrote: Mon Jan 22, 2024 7:43 pm
Timothy Claypole wrote: Mon Jan 22, 2024 3:24 pm
Dave Burr wrote: Mon Jan 22, 2024 2:22 pm
Timothy Claypole wrote: Mon Jan 22, 2024 11:02 am
Fredline wrote: Mon Jan 22, 2024 10:48 am Ok the line is from the bottom of the spool but it is shown simply and clearly.
Ah, now... at risk of sounding like a fishing fascist, that is not a Wallis cast in my book (nothing to do with line off the bottom either). The example in the video may work with a heavy lure or a lead weight, but certainly not a float.

With respect, it does. :Hat:

I don't do Wallis Casts, I do Burr's Best Effort Casts and some of them land where I aimed. I'm certain that, to the observer, I look like someone balancing on an invisible ball whilst swatting a wasp away as I direct traffic with the other arm but it works for me and, whenever I try to alter my efforts to a more defined and successful way, I spend more time unpicking bunches of tangles.

Just get the bait in the water, practice will improve your technique. I see little difference in casting a top and bottom float to a waggler other than holding it back at the end of the cast for a better trot when T & Bing.
Hello Dave,

I'm happy it works for you, and it does sound like your casting has an added comedy value which, I imagine, must add to its charm :Wink:

I'm not here to debate or argue about it, and to be honest I wasn't asking the question "How do you Wallis Cast?" but "Can it be done well with a Waggler?" Moley had already very kindly and comprehensively answered my question when a video about "How to Wallis cast" appeared. No problem there: it was tangential rather than unrelated. That I don't cast that way and wouldn't call it a Wallis cast is by-the-by.

It is was it is (or perhaps it isn't what it is if you prefer).


PS I'll just add that as far as my fishing goes, the artistry and technique of casting well are part and parcel of the overall angling package. A whole load of the fun for me is an excellently executed Wallis cast, thus if I wanted to "just get the bait in the water" I would not bother with centrepins or trotting.
I wasn't trying to hijack your post Timothy and I agree that Squire Moley comprehensively answered your question. If doing the perfect Wallis Cast is your aim then I hope you crack it :Thumb:
Well thanks for that Dave, a gentle response indeed. I’m not sure whether it’ll ever be perfect, but I do have perfectionist tendencies and they will keep nudging me to improve. I like that scene in “A River Runs Through It” when Paul Maclean suddenly finds the groove of his own cast- what a beautiful thing to be able to take the fundamentals, internalise them and then personalise them. That’s the aim from a purely technical perspective.

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Re: Wallis Casting a Waggler

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John (Fredline) may correct me but I think the film is the version of the Wallace Cast used by many of our cousins in his majesties former colonies in North America who use ‘pins fishing for Steelhead etc.

As a long-time miserable failure at any type of Wallace Cast, I think I’ve seen at least a dozen variations but this is the one I came closest to getting right! All that proves I think is that, as Moley and Dave imply above, there are as many types of Wallace Cast as there are ‘pin anglers who failed to achieve the perfect Wallace Cast.

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