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Ian.R.McDonald wrote: Wed Feb 14, 2024 1:05 pm
RBTraditional wrote: Wed Feb 14, 2024 7:02 am I fished at Brooklands just the once when I was around 13 years old 1975/76? Kev’s dad Pat had picked me up in his Lotus Elan + 2, quite why he didn’t take his Jaguar I’ll never know? But the three of us remarkably managed to squeeze in with our baskets and rods…!
When we arrived the weather had changed from calm and bright to squally rain. Within the first hour my new fishing umbrella had taken off and was floating upside down in the lake, I remember being quite distraught. Quick thinking by Kev saved it from becoming another piece of tackle laying on the bottom (I’d heard the stories of rods being towed in, never to be seen again), he tied on a spinner and caught it first cast and we managed to recover it thankfully. Upon returning home though and opening the boot of the Elan it was crawling with maggots Kev bless him went from being the hero of the day to the sinner, he hadn’t secured the lid on his bait tub….Pat was not happy! :whistle: :Hide:
" Loads of trouble usually serious" was the nickname for the cars- my Dad worked alongside Colin Chapman at British Aluminium
Yes I remember that saying, just like the one for Jeeps “Just Enough Essential Parts” ….there was another for Ford but for the life on me I cannot recall it….
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