Wye O Wye?

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Wye O Wye?

Post by Stathamender »

Those hoping that the supposed 'action plan' to restore the river's health would appear soon are going to be disappointed. See the Guardian today: https://www.theguardian.com/environment ... rs-suggest

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Re: Wye O Wye?

Post by Ian.R.McDonald »

Certainly in a Government full of dissapointing and selfish ministers, Coffey is one of the worst.

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Homer Simpson
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Re: Wye O Wye?

Post by Homer Simpson »

Yes she was disappointing, I thought as one of very few proper scientists in government, her insights would be helpful to the task.
Like many MPs of all persuasions she was too busy seeking out troughs to get her nose in!

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Re: Wye O Wye?

Post by Dave Burr »

And we expected what exactly? Fixing the mistakes of the last 15 years is going to take a long time and a breathtaking amount of money. The current shower will be passing the mess onto the next government in exactly the same way that the last lot did to the Tories with their "The money has all gone" note in the treasury. It will take 5 to 10 years to make a dent into the country's economic stability and our rivers will still be begging for help.

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